Vietnam Seeks To Phase Out Fossil-Fuel Vehicles, Become “Greener”
Apr 17, 2022

Vietnam will implement a plan to eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles, tighten emission control and add more green spaces to urban areas, VnExpress reported, referring to a new national strategy put in place on April 13.

The country’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on that day approved the “National Strategy for Environmental Protection to 2030 with a vision until 2050,” in which the government sets targets to rein in the increasing environmental pollution, solve urgent environmental problems and step-by-step improve and restore environmental quality.

One of the core measures is the phasing out of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, which means those running on gasoline, diesel or other fossil fuels. The plan will promote the use of eco-friendly means of transport like bicycles, electric vehicles and those running on clean and renewable energy.

Restricted vehicle use in urban centers

Public transport systems and mass passenger transportation will be accelerated, while private vehicles in urban areas will be restricted, most of all motorcycles, according to the strategic plan.

Authorities will further strengthen motor vehicle emission control, while fuel consumption standards will be enhanced and biofuels, as well as clean and environmentally friendly fuels, will be promoted.

More green space

In addition, big cities will implement measures to expand green space areas, improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. Green space coverage in Vietnam’s major cities is currently two to three square meters per person, only a fifth of the minimum coverage set by the United Nations of ten square meters per person.

The new environment plan will also tighten controls of the burning of crop by-products in suburban areas and eliminate charcoal burning at all.